B-1 FlyOver in Sturgis Event

#Sturgismotorcyclerally #Motorcycle #Rally #B1flyover #Sturgis

Pilots from the 28th Bomb Wing will give a B-1 flyover down Main Street in Sturgis, S.D., at 3 p.m., Aug. 9 as a major aspect of the sixteenth Annual Veterans Recognition Ceremony.The flyover will top off an occasion formally perceiving two South Dakota veterans: resigned Air Force Lt. Col. Toss Childs and resigned Coast Guard Boatswains Mate Gordon Lease.Childs profession included flying a B-17 Flying Fortress beginning in 1941 against the Third Reich that earned him two Distinguished Flying Crosses, proceeded into the Berlin Airlift, and consequently the Korean War.

Sturgismotorcyclerally,Motorcycle,Rally,B1flyover, Sturgis
#Sturgismotorcyclerally #Motorcycle #Rally #B1flyover #Sturgis

In Sturgis rent were a crew member on board the U.S.S. LST-381, an arrival ship that moved tanks, jeeps with trailers, and 250 men between the armada and shoreline in support of intrusions in Salerno, Italy, and Normandy, France. He earned the Chevalier Légion donner, the most astounding French request for military and common benefits, for his support of the Normandy attack where his group transported 265 officers and mariners from the shoreline to England for therapeutic treatment.


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