Welcome Rider In Beard & Moustache Contest!

Yes, it’s authentic the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be the qualifier for the National Beard and Mustache Contest for 2017.

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#Beard #Moustache #Sturgis #Motorcycle #Rally #Sturgismotorcyclerally

We as a whole realise that the cruiser culture draws out the folks with the whiskers and moustaches. Think you have an incredible facial hair or moustache? It is safe to say that you will be at the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Well in the event that you do and you are, we need you!

Gone ahead down to Harley-Davidson Rally Point on the incredible Sturgis Main Street Wednesday, August ninth beginning at 5:00 p.m. amid the 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and perceive how your facial hair thinks about to your mates.

Try not to try and consider not coming. You deserve to be a piece of this exceptional rivalry. Other than the general champ of the Sturgis challenge will be naturally gone into the National Beard and Mustache challenge held in Los Angeles, California in November.

Classes and Judging Criteria:

Dad Beard (Full Beard more than 6 inches)

The facial hair shows up as it develops actually. Natural should as much as possible! The moustache may not be highlighted. The facial hair may not be twisted under at the base! No styling helps allowed.

Infant Beard (Full Beard 6 inches and under)

The facial hair shows up as it develops normally. Natural should as much as possible! The moustache may not be highlighted. The whiskers may not be twisted under at the base! No styling helps allowed.

Twofold Dapper (Full Beard with Styled Moustache)

Full whiskers, any length, with an unmistakable styled stache. Styling help are allowed. The facial hair shows up as it develops and left characteristic, the more normal the better and obviously no styling helps in those whiskers.

Not All There (Partial Beard)

This classification is for anybody that has facial hair that doesn’t fit into whatever another territory (goatee, sideburns, slashes, and so on)

Lager Soakin’ Mustache (Natural Mustache)

Moustache as it develops and left regular. Natural should as much as possible. No shut twists. The moustache might be kept up however without styling helps. No styling helps allowed.

Beard ,Moustache ,Sturgis ,Motorcycle ,Rally ,Sturgismotorcyclerally
#Beard #Moustache #Sturgis #Motorcycle #Rally #Sturgismotorcyclerally

Spruce Stache (Styled Mustache)

Like to “do up” your stache? At that point, this classification is for you! Styling bits of help are allowed.

Whiskering (For the women)

This is for the women. Demonstrate what the great master fail to give you and demonstrate to us what could have been. Pick a subject for your whiskers or moustache – imagination is critical. Judges will take a gander at the craftsmanship, innovativeness, and general appearance when voting on the best Whiskerina contenders.


Challenge Rules:

Every candidate must show up under the watchful eye of the pre-judges with a specific end goal to figure out if he fits the bill for his picked classification.

Challengers in classifications where styling helps are not allowed ought not to utilize any styling helps at all between their appearance under the steady gaze of the pre-judges and the finish of the opposition. Infringement of this administer will bring about exclusion.

All hopefuls in every classification will be exhibited to the board of judges as a gathering. The judges will uncover the scores for every contender transparently.

Each judge will grant every competitor a score of from 5 to 10 focuses

In the event of a tie in one of the initial three spots, there will be a re-vote among the judges to break the tie.

Grievances about the judges’ choices are not satisfactory and will bring about preclusion.

Prize(s) will be granted to the top scorer in every class.

By taking part in the opposition, all competitors concur without confinement that they might be shot and that their voices might be recorded and that every such photo and recordings might be distributed.

A most extreme of 15 candidates for each class as it were.

Essential notes:

Styling helps incorporate, for instance, moustache/hair wax, hair splash, hair veneer, hair gel, styling froth, and so on – Hair colour is totally disallowed in the characteristic classes.

Common facial hair should be and might look characteristic. Natural should as much as possible.

The facial hair additionally ought to be particular from the head hair and not incorporated with it.


There will be prizes for the general champ of every class. The general victor gets a section into the National Beard and Mustache Championships held in Los Angeles CA November 10 and 11, 2017. Champ will likewise get a free two night remain at the host lodging alongside a $250.00 visa card for nourishment and different consumptions. Different Prizes incorporate blessing authentications from neighbourhood organisations, the item from our backers, and that’s just the beginning!


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